You made the decision to sell your house.  You already called your favorite real estate agent (ME!), the listing agreement is signed and we are ready to get your house ready to show.  So what do you need to do in order to make your house stand out from the others?

Staging a house can be inexpensive and easy to do.  We have all seen the HGTV shows that have staged homes that look like they could be on magazine covers.  If you are willing to put a bit of work into it, there are several tips and tricks that could pay off:

  • First impressions are EVERYTHING!  Replace that old, worn-out front door welcome mat with a new one.  It tells buyers that your home is well-cared for, and is a relatively inexpensive fix.
  • Curb appeal is important and often overlooked.  One easy tip – neaten the edges and trim the hedges.  Camouflage utility boxes, grates or meters with a well-placed potted plant.  Wash down the front door and light fixtures – remember that yellow pollen from a few weeks ago?   
  • Do a walk-thru of the entire home interior.  Switch on every light.  Replace any burnt-out bulbs with good quality bulbs in the appropriate wattage.  Consider bulbs with a warmer hue, such as soft pink, for bedrooms and bathrooms. 
  • Set tables and serving areas.  Have a dining room?  Set the scene for a buyer to imagine a dinner with cloth napkins, wine glasses and coordinating plates.  Breakfast nook or bar?  Matching bowls, mugs and coordinating placemats are a great way to highlight this space.
  • Straighten out kitchen cabinets and organize pantries. Buyers will be opening doors and drawers, and they don’t want a precarious stack of pots and pans falling out!
  • Those family portraits are wonderful– but buyers need to visual their own pictures in that space.  Pack them up for now and replace them (if needed) with landscape paintings.   An inexpensive place to look for these is your local Goodwill store or even yard sales. 
  • Buyers are looking for master bedroom and bathroom retreats.  An inexpensive “bed in a bag” can give new life to your master bedroom and other bedrooms.  You can give your master bath a quick makeover with something as easy as fluffy white towels.  Roll them up like the ones at the spa, add a few nice soaps and some candles and a new, neutral shower curtain.
  • Empty those closets!  Buyers are looking for storage space.  While you don’t need to completely empty the closets, leaving them half-full gives the illusion that there is plenty of storage in your home.  Pack up seasonal clothing, unused toys and other items and put them into storage.  If you can’t rent a storage unit, then stack the boxes neatly in your garage.
  • Speaking of garages, this is another space that needs to be basically empty.  Buyers want to imagine parking their cars in the garage, and can be turned off by tools and outdoor equipment strewn all over the place, or worse, smelly garbage. 

Another option is to hire a professional stager to come in and help you.  If you decide to go this route, I have great staging experts I have used in the past.  If you have questions, please give me and my team a call.  Team Heitz is here to help!