Living in Kingwood—“The Livable Forest”—means that you will see verdant green trees, flowers in just about every shape and colour and landscaping in both home yards and common areas.

But there is another living part of Kingwood that most people don’t know about – the Greenbelt Trails.  Kingwood has over 75 miles of interconnected paved, tree-lined paths that are open to pedestrians, leashed dogs, bicycles (non-motorized) and even roller blading.  These well-maintained trails are designed to give Kingwood residents a safe place to walk without having to worry about vehicle traffic.  Maintenance is paid through HOA fees.  

My assistant purchased a house in Kingwood, and the greenbelt trails were a huge attraction.  She says she lives about a minute from the nearest access point.  Her poodle (Fenway) has quickly acclimated to walking the trails and has made several dog acquaintances during his walks.  He especially enjoys meeting a “cousin” doodle whose owner gives out low-calorie treats to friendly dogs.

Fenway is also happy to report that the vast majority of dog walkers are leashed (the dogs, not the walkers) and for the most part, they pick up what the dogs drop. 

Want to see more?  Click on the map link.  If you have a picture of you (or your furry friend) walking on the greenbelt trails, post it on my Facebook Page – I would love to see it!