As a realtor with over 17 years of experience, I know the value of contacts and connections.  Back in the “golden days”, I relied on my trusty Rolodex and tape or staples to keep track of business cards for various contacts, service technicians, bankers, brokers, etc.

Technology moved us forward to business card scanners, which allowed me to create databases for our contacts.  That worked well while we were in the office…but what happens if you can’t access your database?

Our smartphones now have the capacity to store all the information on those business cards virtually, and with a few swipes, I can access contact information while I’m on the phone with a client.  This really came in handy a few weeks ago, and saved not one, but two real estate closings.

I had clients who were scheduled to sell their house and close on their new home both on the same day.  A few days before the closing, the title company notified me that there was a documentation issue and that they would not be able to close until they provided (surprise, surprise) additional documents.  Did I mention that this bit of news came two days before the dual closings were supposed to take place?  I was out of the office when I got this news, but it wasn’t a big deal since I had all my title company contacts on my phone.  In a few minutes, I had a back-up title company ready to go.

It turned out that the original title company revisited their documentation requirements, and we were able to smoothly complete our back-to-back closings.  My sellers/buyers were able to pack up their former home and move into their new home on schedule.  Surprises are going to happen in any transaction—but a good realtor with great contacts can keep the transaction moving forward.   Team Heitz is here for you every step of the way.