You are getting ready to close on your new home.  All that’s left is for you finish packing and wire the closing funds to the title company.  You get an email with wiring instructions, contact your bank and wire the funds.  Unfortunately, the email you received was from a scammer.  Your hard-earned money is most likely gone forever.  The dream of home ownership has now turned into a possible financial nightmare.

In the last few years, cyber criminals have been targeting realtors, title companies, escrow agents and even attorneys by sending what looks like legitimate email messages regarding an upcoming closing.  The receiver, who may not realize that this is a scam, clicks on the link and the hacker now has access to their files.  From there, the hacker scans emails, looking for upcoming closings and emails clients with “updated” wiring information.  In the hectic days leading up to closing, buyers may not check to see if the updated instructions are legitimate.  Don’t make that mistake.  If you get an email from ANYONE with new or updated wire transfer instructions, be suspicious.  Immediately call your realtor and/or your title company to confirm—DO NOT call the number or click on the links in the email.  These scammers will even go so far as to set up fake websites to make their emails look more legitimate.

If in doubt, check it out.  If you get an email that doesn’t look or sound right, call me.  My team and I will check it out and get back to you.  Remember, we are here for you—and we are always happy to help and answer any questions you might have.