Part of my service as your realtor goes above and beyond guiding you through the process of buying or selling your home.  My clients often contact me in the following weeks or months after closing on their homes, looking for recommendations for local service providers, doctors, veterinarians and even the best restaurants with gluten-free options.

A few months ago, we had a freeze that left many homeowners with drooping landscaping and in some cases, burst pipes.  I got a text that day from one of my recent clients.  Apparently, they were driving back home from a trip to the local hardware store and noticed that someone had water running down the street.  As they pulled into their driveway, they realized that they were that someone.  Not only was the water running down their driveway, but they now also had a new water feature—a fountain of water spewing forth from the outdoor landscaping control box! 

After a few frenzied minutes of identifying where the shut-off was for the control box, they managed to stop the water fountain.  Since they had moved here from Colorado mountains, they were not familiar with outdoor landscaping systems.  Who did they need to call—a plumber, a landscaper or a sprinkler service company?  It turns out the answer was a sprinkler service company.  My new owners did not know that the sprinkler system had not been winterized, and the “water feature” they discovered was the exploding backflow preventer. 

While it is unusual for our temperatures to dip low enough to cause pipes to freeze, it does happen. Still, it probably doesn’t hurt to make sure your outdoor landscaping trees, shrubs and sprinkler systems are prepared.  Need a recommendation?  Please give me a call, text or send me an email.  I’m always here to help!